ScreenRant Offered to Pay $10 Per News Article. It’s Ridiculous.

Another popular media company that exploits writers.

Leo Serafico
4 min readAug 11, 2022


Marble background with television that says “ScreenRant Presents.” A live logo is on the top right.
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My love for anything TV show and movies are something that doesn’t come through as much when I write on this platform.

Even the big writers here admit they usually cater to what people would rather read, and then write a little bit of what they like. Honestly, me too.

Although I have tried if it’s going to click on here, I’ve learned to usually connect it with writing.

Like this article I wrote about the creator of Family Guy and American Dad!:

If you scroll down my profile you’ll see an article about Game of Thrones. Now that one tanked to the ground, but I still love it and I enjoyed writing it.

Getting a slot as a freelance writer at ScreenRant seemed like a really amazing gig. That’s until I received their offer.

What is ScreenRant?

ScreenRant is an entertainment website with a global operation. They write anything and everything about TV, film, and even video games.

They are supported by Valnet, a worldwide digital media publishing company that according to Growjo has $490.2 million in revenue per year.

Funnily enough, both ScreenRant and Valnet have bad reviews on job-hunting platforms. One even said Valnet was paying $75 per 3,000 words.


ScreenRant’s offer

An e-mail sent to the author by ScreenRant regarding job details and rates.
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Yes, Leodie is my real name.

More importantly, how does a company with a popular name with the money to back them up offer such low ball pay?

Now, they didn’t specify how many words per article they would require but from the sample articles they…