ScreenRant Offered to Pay $10 Per News Article. It’s Ridiculous.

Another popular media company that exploits writers.

Leo Serafico
4 min readAug 11, 2022
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My love for anything TV show and movies are something that doesn’t come through as much when I write on this platform.

Even the big writers here admit they usually cater to what people would rather read, and then write a little bit of what they like. Honestly, me too.

Although I have tried if it’s going to click on here, I’ve learned to usually connect it with writing.

Like this article I wrote about the creator of Family Guy and American Dad!:

If you scroll down my profile you’ll see an article about Game of Thrones. Now that one tanked to the ground, but I still love it and I enjoyed writing it.

Getting a slot as a freelance writer at ScreenRant seemed like a really amazing gig. That’s until I received their offer.

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