How to Make Sure Everybody Hates You

5 toxic traits that will surely make everyone want to stay away from you.

Leo Serafico
4 min readAug 10, 2022
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It’s a valid argument that some people will easily hate you more than like you. Let’s face it, there are judgmental freaks out there and sometimes you’re one of them too.

Human beings make judgment calls as a way to survive. Oh, what’s that? Your neighbor is a rumored human trafficker? Better not have tea in his basement.

Nowadays, judgment calls toward people are made to surround ourselves with like-minded and positive individuals.

It’s the era of only allowing good people in our lives. At least, it is in mine.

If your judgment affects nobody but you, I say judge away. But, there are qualities and traits of people that are universally disliked. One of them that’s not mentioned below is chewing with an open mouth. Yuck.

Qualities that will make sure everybody hates you

Do you have that looming feeling that everyone hates you? If you continuously do the 5 points below, then they just might.

Never admit your mistakes

Have you ever been partnered up with someone who never admits their mistakes whether in class, at…