Can’t Think of Anything to Write? Here Are My 5 Solutions for You.

Writer burnout is real and writer’s block is normal.

Leo Serafico
3 min readAug 7, 2022
A guy laying down on a carpeted floor with a notebook on his face with a question mark.
Photo by Ryan Snaadt on Unsplash

Consistently creating content is hard. Trust me, one writer’s block is enough to send this writer spiraling down the “am I good enough?” road.

But, it is normal.

When you’re a full-time writer, there’s no getting out of writing. You have to write to pay the bills, and that usually causes a major burnout for writers.

Or if you’re just starting a blog, it can be frustrating to want to succeed but you can’t think of anything to write.

It might be one of the reasons why bloggers quit their blogs 95% of the time according to the New York Times.

I’ve been on both sides of the coin.

One realization that I had is this: it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been writing, sometimes you just have a bad writing day and that’s okay.

Here are my solutions when I can’t think of anything to write about:

Use a blog ideas generator

A blog ideas generator helps with creating headlines or generating topics for your blog.

Arguably, HubSpot is the favorite content marketing tool writers use to generate…