Can’t Think of Anything to Write? Here Are My 5 Solutions for You.

Writer burnout is real and writer’s block is normal.

Leo Serafico
3 min readAug 7, 2022


A guy laying down on a carpeted floor with a notebook on his face with a question mark.
Photo by Ryan Snaadt on Unsplash

Consistently creating content is hard. Trust me, one writer’s block is enough to send this writer spiraling down the “am I good enough?” road.

But, it is normal.

When you’re a full-time writer, there’s no getting out of writing. You have to write to pay the bills, and that usually causes a major burnout for writers.

Or if you’re just starting a blog, it can be frustrating to want to succeed but you can’t think of anything to write.

It might be one of the reasons why bloggers quit their blogs 95% of the time according to the New York Times.

I’ve been on both sides of the coin.

One realization that I had is this: it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been writing, sometimes you just have a bad writing day and that’s okay.

Here are my solutions when I can’t think of anything to write about:

Use a blog ideas generator

A blog ideas generator helps with creating headlines or generating topics for your blog.

Arguably, HubSpot is the favorite content marketing tool writers use to generate random blog topics to write, and it’s free.

It’s okay to use AI to help with your writing. Content marketing tools like this are made to help writers like us.

Go outside and experience life

This goes especially for opinionated and personal essay writers.

Go outside — get irritated with the line at the bank, smile at a stranger, or take pictures of the things you find pretty.

Your story will not be written without you, so make one.

Think about people’s problems

This is always my go-to technique when I’m running out of ideas.

Try and think about questions and problems people might have that have something to do with your niche.

When I was trying to think about a topic in writing, I took a look at the problems that a…